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Early Years Free Entitlement. FAQ

Q.)When will my child receive EYFE?

A.)The term following your child’s 3rd birthday.

Q.) How many hours EYFE am I entitled to?

We offer 3 hours of universal (15 hours) EYFE per day and 3 hours extended (30 hours) per day.

Q.) Can I use my free hours only?

A.)   No you cannot use your free hours only as we offer 3/6 hours EYFE per day and the Nursery is open for 11 hours ( we do not offer half days )

               A.) How do I find out if I am entitled to the extended EYFE (30 hours)?

You can check your eligibility using the online calculator below:


             Q.) What happens if I fall out of eligibility?

               A.) Your entitlement will reduce to 3 hours per day


             Q.) What happens if I do not re new my eligibility code?

             A.) you will need to re check your eligibility online by a certain date (you should receive a reminder email from the government) and if this is not done the government website will inform us that you are no longer eligible.

               Q.) How do I apply for EYFE?

               A.) We will send forms home before your child is entitled to funding, you will be required to complete the forms and return them to us with your child’s passport or birth certificate and we will apply on your behalf.

                 Q.) How is my child’s funding applied?

                 A.)Surrey County Council pay us for 38 weeks of the year and we spread the amount over 52 weeks, therefore the same amount is deducted from your invoice every month.

Q.) Why can’t I use my full entitlement at Little Crickets?

If your child attends Nursery full time you will be able to use your full entitlement but as the government funds paid are well below our costs in order to keep the Nursery economically viable we have to spread the hours out over the full week.

               Q.) What happens to the hours I cannot use at Little Crickets?

                 A.) You can use your hours at more than 1 setting.

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